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Food play

Have fun with introducing new healthy foods to your children, and get cooking together.
  • Select a new fruit or vegetable that is unfamiliar. Play with it, touch it, squeeze it, slice it, taste it. Create a new and fun healthy recipe with the new fruit or vegetable as a key ingredient. Or select a recipe from
  • Let children choose their favourite dinner – give them a selection of choices from the website, such as fish burgers or chicken drumsticks with potatoes and coleslaw. Let them be involved in creating the meal.
  • Collect some home grown vegetables from the garden and make a special meal.
  • Fruit and veggie markets can be a great way for kids to choose new foods they might like to try as well as being a fun morning out.
  • Play ‘guess the fruit or vegetable’ game, blindfold your child and hand then a fruit or vegetable, let them feel it, taste it, and guess what it is.
  • Create a fruit or vegetable person using a skewer or cocktail stick, or create a face on a plate. Use bananas, berries, citrus fruit, apples, pears, grapes, carrot sticks, cucumber, or celery. Then you can eat it.