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Fruit salad

This running game is popular with children and requires a group of about 8 or more players.

To play, children sit in a circle. The person who is "it" walks around the circle of children and taps each one on the head givng them a name of a fruit, e.g. peach, apple or plum. This person (the caller) then sits in the middle of the circle and yells out one of the fruit names and all the children with that fruit name have to run around the outside of the circle and back to their spot while the 'caller' has to try and tag them before they get back safely. If a person is tagged they go in the middle and become the 'caller'. If the 'caller' yells out FRUIT SALAD then everyone has to run around the circle and back to their space.

Note: for really big groups uyou can add in more fruit names.