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Build a fort

Building a fort is an easy and fun rainy day activity using everyday household items like sheets and chairs. Once you have built your fort, it can be fun to have a picnic or play a game inside.

You will need:

  • A large blanket
  • Four chairs (you can use any type of chair or sofa)
  • A large sheet
  • Clothes pegs

What to do: To make the fort, lay the blanket out on the ground. Arrange the chairs on the four corners of the blanket. Drape the sheet over the top of the chairs to form the roof. To finish the fort, use the pegs to pin the edges of the sheet to the blanket. Remember to leave one area un-pegged and open so you can get in and out of your fort. You might want to put some pillows or cushions inside to sit on.

Tip: If it is too dark inside your fort, use a torch and watch the different shadows on the walls of your fort.