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The benefits of exercise

Active children are healthy, happy and sleep better.

The Ministry of Health advises that to live long and healthy lives we should make regular physical activity part of our daily routine. Promoting active habits among our kids is a great way to start and can benefit the whole family.

Being active helps build strong muscles and bones, and contributes to brain development and learning. It’s also a great way to make new friends.

Activity is always easier when it is fun, enjoyable and easy to fit into your daily life. Why not try:

  • Walking, cycling or riding a scooter.
  • Putting on music and dancing around the house together.
  • Taking stairs instead of lifts and escalators
  • Going for a swim, at the local pool or at the beach.
  • Playing in the mud, water, or sand and collecting ricks, shells or sticks are great tools for active play and can help with being creative.

The Ministry of Health recommends for adults at least two and a half hours of moderate activity and one and a quarter hours of vigorous activity spread over the week. Muscle strengthening activity is recommended on at least two days a week.

For children, and teenagers (five to seventeen years old) an hour of moderate or vigorous activity is recommended each day, along with light physical activity several hours a day. Vigorous and strengthening activities that strengthen muscles and bones are recommended at least three days a week.