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Get active to sleep better

It is important for kids to be active in lots of ways throughout the day. Activity (indoor and outdoor) can also help your child to sleep.

It’s true – active kids often sleep better. Sleep is important for restoring energy, and for growth and development. Not enough sleep can negatively affect a child’s behavior, learning, wellbeing, health and weight. What else can I do to improve my child’s sleep?

  • Have regular bedtime and wake up times.
  • Have a regular bedtime routine. This might include a bath, brushing teeth, a story, then bed.
  • Quiet activities are good before bed but avoid screen use (such as TV, internet and computer games) in the hour before bedtime.
  • Have no screens, devices or other distractions in the place where children sleep.
  • Have a comfortable sleep environment that’s dark, quiet and warm.
  • Avoid giving your child food and drinks containing caffeine.