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Moving on from first foods

  • can sit without support
  • can pick up and bring food to their mouth
  • are learning to bite and chew
  • may have some teeth.

Tips for feeding seven and eight month-old babies:

  • Continue to purée cooked meat, fish or chicken
  • Introduce mashed cooked fruit and vegetables, mashed cooked legumes, mashed cooked eggs, soft cheese (such as cottage cheese), custard or plain yoghurt (without sugar)
  • Remove stalks and stringy bits from foods like pūhā, silverbeet or bok choy
  • Offer finger foods in pieces that can be picked up by baby. Foods such as very soft fruit and vegetables (ripe bananas, ripe avocado, well-cooked pumpkin), toast fingers or thin slices of cheese are good options.
  • Remember to keep offering breast milk or formula before solids until your baby is eight to nine months old.